Love Your Hair

As young as I can remember I have had long hair. I recall the painful and mandatory hair brushing sessions with my parents, my head being pulled back from the many knots I would acquire throughout the day. I remember how sweet my Dad would be drying my long hair and calling himself “Mr.Andre The Hairdresser” and talking with a bit of an accent, making it more fun.

My Mom also has always had long hair, long after the other bus stop Moms chopped theirs in lieu of passing thirty (seriously what is that!) she kept her long locks flowing and looked gorgeous. And still to this day has long flowing locks.

I used to blow dry my hair, go through product after product trying to get it to look just so, and it became too much. I started allowing my hair to dry naturally, avoiding tugging and styling as much as possible and I learned to love my hair, really loving what it could do without much attention.

What was my aha moment? I got pregnant with my first child, and my hair totally changed… then after having Juliette my hair line changed again, I lost so much hair it was insane, clogging drains was my new job (ha!) and I didn’t know how to handle it, plus I was juggling new motherhood and the body image issue that come with giving birth, fluctuating sizes and so on…

I distinctly remember my aha moment. I had run out of coffee, I was at home with my newborn and needed to go out because, well, coffee! She was crying and I couldn’t put her down to tend to my hair, so I went out with it as is, not styled, no products, no clips, nothing. Just loose waves and a day old wash. We got outside and the sun was shining, my new baby looked up at my and I knew I was beautiful no matter what. This little baby gave me such clarity. I wanted her to grow up knowing she was beautiful no matter what, whether her hair was long, short, straight, curly, frizzy, blonde, black or brown (or any color that makes her happy!).

I’ve partnered with Dove Hair, a brand I find so empowering and am honored to be sharing this amazing message with. They asked me to share their fantastic campaign #LoveYourHair and I’d LOVE to see you share your hair on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with this meaningful hashtag. Better yet, view and share this beautiful film on Youtube  and visit their Pinterest to see my photos alongside many amazing women.

Did you know according to Dove Hair research only 11% of women love everything about their hair and wouldn’t change anything about it. Come on guys, let’s change that number!


One thought on “Love Your Hair

  1. I love my hair! As I’ve gotten older, my hair is not as oily and I only need to wash it every 3rd day or so. I wear it down, braided, bun, twist. Some marvel at the fact that I don’t color my hair because it is a color of golden wheat – – with a few gray strands thrown in for good measure!


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