a day by the sea

I am a homebody. and proud of it. I love padding around the house, tidying up, snuggling on the couch and enjoying being in my own space… But every so often I crave being outside, the wind in my hair and no walls keeping me in. today was such a day, so we drove to the Oregon Coast for the day.

It was just what we needed. The salty air, the fog that hangs on the trees in a way you think you can actually reach out and touch it, it’s all so grounding. Being MLK day, we decided to pack our lunch instead of dining out, we pulled into a spot overlooking the crashing waves and listened to his speeches on the radio, we left the windows open, letting the cool salty air in, we laughed with our children, got crumbs & sand all over the place and had the best day. Being with your people makes for the best days, no matter where you are, it really is true. Peanut butter sandwiches in the car felt like the best lunch we could have dreamt up.

These photos were taken at Arcadia State Beach & Hug Point

// my hat is by Gigipip and my jacket is by Madewell // Juliette is wearing a hat (old) & jacket by Zara Kids, skirt & scarf by Bobo Choses, available at Darling Clementine



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