5 things I learned in 2015


Despite the fact that we’re a few days into 2016 I’m finding myself partly stuck back in 2015. It was the year we moved. and now we’re not in that year anymore, and for some reason that’s a hard pill to swallow as they say… I’m feeling farther from New York that ever before. I’ve left it behind and allowed another year begin without her, sigh. All the while I’m focused on the future and happy to be starting this 2016 year in Portland. So interesting how this is playing out in my soul this move.

After what I’d call the most tumultuous year of my life I wanted to share some things I’ve learned along the way

  • moving is hard, moving is really hard, but that’s okay (say that out loud, it’s okay). it’s okay to cry a lot, it’s okay to second guess yourself and wonder if you should max out your credit cards flying back the second you miss home, it’s okay. it means you are present, and that you are invested in your life, past, present and future. accept those sad moments and enjoy the happy ones, it’ll get better
  • family is everything, it really is. I don’t even mean they need to be related to you, but the people you call your family, the ones there for you always. distance makes the heart grow fonder they say, well it also sheds light on what relationships can withstand distance. we move, we grow, we move on, some fiends stay and some fade away, it’s not the end of the world but friendships, relationships and connections take effort, it’s been clarifying to see relationships thrive and others slowly fade away
  • i had too much stuff, moving was eye opening, magazine collections, stuffed animals in the kids rooms overflowing baskets and bins, toys that lost parts, puzzles that lost pieces (forgive me I’ve been reading Shel Silverstein and I can see it’s coming out in my writing here a bit…) we tossed a TON, sold a TON, donated a Ton and it felt great. And now things have much more value in my home, things are played with, read, used, not overlooked anymore. let’s hope I can keep it that way.
  • it’s true, fresh air, lots of trees and less cramped quarters has proven to be much healthier for our family, much less sniffles, much less headaches, it’s eye opening because I always prided myself as a strong New Yorker who loved crowds, but for little kids it’s nice to have some space to let the germs get blown away…
  • you really can’t get a good bagel outside New York City. nope. not even close





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