Thoughts (ramblings) on Motherhood


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it’s just so good. and so overwhelming. it’s everything isn’t it. to love these human beings who we created in our wombs, to birth them, nourish them with our bodies like we do. Literally, physically and emotionally. It’s unbelievable how magical it really is, though it’s all around you, mother’s and babies that is. It does not take away from how amazing mothers are, nope, not even a little bit. In fact in my opinion it makes it more amazing. It’s a beautiful club we have all joined, whether you carried, birthed or adopted your child, love, a mother’s love is what bonds us.

the end to each and every one of our days is like this, we rush around getting him ready for bed, pjs, teeth, lights dimmed and his bear pulled out for snuggling. we tuck in him and I for our nightly breastfeeding session which either ends with a kiss, hug and papa putting you to bed, or it ends like this, you passed out and me, letting myself enjoy those calm moments the day never seems to have. Jack is almost 2 and I know this time is ending soon, and I’m filled with saddness, my body already aches for this times and I still have them (funny how that works). I know I will gain some freedom back once it’s ended, but is freedom what I am seeking? Freedom from this special time that is just between us? The truth is I’m not. But I know you will and that’s okay, I have been through this before, I know you’ll still need me at bedtime, and still call for me to tuck you in. The ebbs and flows of motherhood are not for the weary of heart I tell you, they provide aches I’ve never known before and joy I never thought possible. LOVE. That’s what it is, gut wrenching, heart breakingly beautiful raw love. And that makes us mothers the luckiest creatures on the planet.

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