New Traditions

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It’s our first Christmas in Portland, away from my parents house for the first time in my entire life. Even when I was a college student in NYC I travelled home to Hong Kong and never missed 1 Christmas morning waking up in my parents house. My emotions right under the surface as I set my sights on building our own traditions in our home and creating memories we can grow on. It’s our hope that next Christmas we’ll waking up in my parents home again, and that thought keeps me (and I know my parents) going.

As the days grow shorter, and the chatter of holiday plans grows around us, Kevin and I have been looking to each other and realizing this is a time to celebrate our life, and our big move out here from NYC. It’s okay to be sad, to miss family and traditions we’ve come to expect. I’ve begun accepting those little sad emotions and moving forward with much more ease. It’s a really good feeling, we toasted to our second phase as we’re calling it of our move, our feeling that NYC is moving farther away and we are moving towards settling in here in the Pacific Northwest.

Wrapping presents today alone will be peaceful, a little sad but mostly filled the the same joy I’ve always known this time of year.


4 thoughts on “New Traditions

  1. This year we are going to my parents but I think next year we will stay home. It makes me sad but also excited to give the girls those memories of waking up in their own bed for Christmas and the magic that will bring them. The holidays are always a little bittersweet as I get older, longing with nostalgia for the memories of my childhood while trying to create my own traditions.


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