Gift Guide | Your Best Girlfriend (or let’s be honest yourself)

Gift Guide- Girlfriend .jpg

Trust me, I get it. It’s super easy to pop into a big box store and pick up everything you need on your holiday list in one fell swoop, on sale nonetheless. *sigh

But shopping is something I truly enjoy and there’s nothing like finding THE perfect gift for your friends and loved ones. I find shopping small to be so much more rewarding than buying it all at once. I’m not just saying that as a small business owner either (I swear!).

I’ve put together a gift guide for your best girlfriend (or print and hand to your spouse, hint hint)

All the shops are run by amazing people, full of creatively and the hard working determination it takes be a small business owner today. I’d love to hear your favorite shops too, please leave a note/link in the comments section!

Candle, Pencils, Combs, Scarf, Pineapple, Planter, Clogs, Book 


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