Sisters, Palm Trees and Disneyland


We packed our bags (and Mickey Ears) for California for a Winter escape. We wanted sunshine, sea air and family time so we headed to Los Angeles for a much needed metaphorical and literal hug. We moved from Brooklyn to Portland in July and have been missing our familiar surroundings, family and friends close by.

As Thanksgiving day approached and we heard of all those “going home for the weekend” we couldn’t help by get quiet, we weren’t going home, we were staying home. Two very different things. To help ease the emotional toll of our first Thanksgiving away from my parents table, we booked a long weekend in LA for the week after (two thumbs up for avoiding crazy airport insanity!) to visit 2 of my sisters and hit up Disneyland while we were at it.

Of course no trip to LA couldn’t begin without the obvious and cliched trip to In n Out by the airport. Jack and Juliette’s eyes got wide with excitement as we let them order as they pleased, milkshakes, sure! fries, yes! Heck it’s our vacation after all.

Disneyland was hectic and magical. As soon as we entered the tunnels of It’s a Small World I was reminded of that magic of childhood, for those moments it was as if there were no bills to be paid, no emails to answer, no work to be done, just happiness. Juliette teared up and held onto me closely, saying to me “mama, I’m going to cry this is so much fun” causing me of course to tear up too. We had been wanting to take her for years and to see her face take it all in was just thrilling.

Spending 4 days with my sisters was just what my heart and soul so badly needed. People who love me, understand me, and who I could just be myself with. I hadn’t realized how much I missed that. Being a recent transplant to a new city can be extremely lonely, much more so than I expected. We’re finding our way and making friends little by little but so many nights are spent teary over a glass of wine talking with Kevin about home, missing home so dearly. New York City has a hold on me I’ll tell ya, but I have begun accepting it’s hold, acknowledging it’s forever grip and allowing myself to find myself here in Portland.



One thought on “Sisters, Palm Trees and Disneyland

  1. I hear ya. I have been in Colorado for 7 years now (born and raised Indiana girl) and I still miss home. I think it’s harder to make friends as adults. But hang in there and know that another mama (me) sheds some tears over a glass of wine….or 2.


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